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Animal Kingdom Lodge Guest Rooms

Posted in Animal Kingdom Lodge Rooms  by admin on October 1st, 2008

Animal Kingdom Lodge Rooms


The interior decor at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is well thought out and typifies all that you associate with staying in an African lodge on safari. The beds have carved wooden headboards giving an authentic feel, and the comforters have a colourful, almost patchwork quilt like design that covers a symbolic African theme. Each of the rooms feature handcrafted furniture and art, made from rich woods and vibrant colours. Accommodation at the Animal Kingdom lodge ranges in size from standard rooms to one and two bedroom suites. Rooms are available with bunk beads and roll away beds, and some rooms can accommodate up to 8 people; although some travel agents would rather you book two separate room for larger parties. If you are having a problem with your travel agent we strongly recommend that you contact the hotel directly for their accommodation arrangement and they will be best able to advise you about the availability of rooms with bunk beds at the Animal Kingdom lodge.

Be aware that although the Animal Kingdom Lodge has adjoining room access they will not guarantee this facility


The bathrooms at the animal kingdom lodge are well designed with both a shower and a shallow bath, and just outside the bathroom area there are two separate wash basins to alleviate congestion in the morning. Although beautifully decorated, and romantically lit the only flaw with the Animal Kingdom lodge is bedroom and bathroom area is the rather dim lighting. For ladies I would recommend taking a make up mirror with a light so that you are able see well enough to apply to cosmetics. Other than that the bathroom contains all that you would need and has good quality toiletries and hairdryer.


The Television is nicely hidden away in a carved amour at the animal kingdom lodge to blend in nicely with the themed room. Recently, miniature fridges have been installed, but on my last visit these were placed inside some rather disappointing MDF facades that were not in keeping with the room. I trust that these will either be decorated or replaced in due course. The noise from the fridge was more noisy that you would expect from a regular mini bar ( the animal kingdom lodge does not have mini bars in it’s standard rooms.)


Take advantage of the balconies view if your room has one, as the Animal Kingdom Lodge has 24 hours viewing opportunities to see animals in their habitat. A great time to catch them is in the evening or early morning. In fact one of the best memories that you can take away with you from the animal Kingdom lodge is to sit having breakfast out on your balconies over looking one the beautiful Savannahs and enjoying seeing the giraffes take their feed.


If you are lucky enough to feel that money is no object, check out the Royal Asante  Suite. This is the animal kingdom lodge at it’s very finest. The Suite Feature a domed hut like living room a kitchen and office plus dinning room and seeping porches offer spectacular view of the animal in the savannah.   

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