Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Posted in Animal Kingdom Lodge  by admin on September 20th, 2008

Our September Stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge was FABULOUS!! Amazing!! Incredible!

Duration : 0:5:13

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5 Responses to “Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge”

  1. database113 Says:

    Awesome video
    Awesome video

  2. JonI555 Says:

    im going there in …
    im going there in July, please tell me all about it, whats good whats bad and what i shouldnt miss!

  3. Ladybugkisses1919 Says:

    My husband and I …
    My husband and I were there during this exact week for our 5th yr anniversary. Such a beautiful hotel.

  4. crystamachu Says:

    staying there in …
    staying there in october for halloween…. great vid made it so i am even more excited!!!

  5. mettefriis Says:

    Enjoyed your …
    Enjoyed your video.Great combination of pictures and music. Thanx for sharing :D

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