Animal Kingdom Lodge

Posted in Animal Kingdom Lodge  by admin on September 20th, 2008

Scenes from the lodge, including animals seen from our fifth floor balcony.

Duration : 0:5:26

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18 Responses to “Animal Kingdom Lodge”

  1. stargazntreki Says:

    This resort is …
    This resort is beautiful! Take your kids! You won’t regret it.

  2. sandyb8601 Says:

    You will always see …
    You will always see a lot of animals, whether you have a savannah view or not.

    The last time we went there, we didn’t have a savannah room, but we saw animals out there every morning!

  3. Cobrafanglol Says:

    Yeah, there out all …
    Yeah, there out all the time. However they take most of them in every day for a couple hours just to check their health and etc.

  4. SandShinobiSiblings Says:

    Okay, thanks. You …
    Okay, thanks. You can always expect the very best from Disney. :)

  5. DeathMom Says:

    You can see lots of …
    You can see lots of animals all the time.

  6. SandShinobiSiblings Says:

    ooo: We’re going …
    ooo: We’re going there in two weeks.

    Can you actually see a lot of animals from the Savannah view? Or just occasionally?

  7. Setka1982 Says:

    looks cool..never …
    looks cool..never have stayed at that resort b4

  8. ilovedisney5 Says:

    loved it!!!!! we …
    loved it!!!!! we had a parking lot view but then they ungraded us to a savvana view

  9. TaylorTeeVee Says:

    ???? I WANT TO STAY …
    ???? I WANT TO STAY THERE!!!!!!

  10. Cobrafanglol Says:

    I love that hotel, …
    I love that hotel, can’t wait to go back. :)

  11. Nole1986 Says:

    I love staying in …
    I love staying in AKL, both of my kids love it,

  12. disneydance1169 Says:

    OOps I mean 4th
    OOps I mean 4th

  13. disneydance1169 Says:

    Wow love it we went …
    Wow love it we went 3 weeks ago and loved it we were on the 3rd floor

  14. DeathMom Says:


  15. amycishere Says:

    What floor were you …
    What floor were you on please?

  16. tatersnake Says:

    sucky lol just …
    sucky lol just kidding i loved it!!!!

  17. FullHouseRocks Says:

    Omg our trip there …
    Omg our trip there was amazing! Thanks for posting this. It brings back a lot of good memories.

  18. superproprocombo Says:

    thanks for posting …
    thanks for posting this… we get to see what it looks like before we get there.

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